The Tropic Breeze Custom Branding Collection

 The Tropic Breeze Branding Collection Color Palette Card - Seafoam (Mint Green), Tropic Blue (teal), Crane (ivory Beige), Obsidian (Almost Black Dark Gray), and Hibiscus (Light Pink)

Check out a some of the items in this tropical inspired collection below - this set is perfect for a beach shop, tropical themed restaurant, or any business with a beachy or tropical connection. With it's palm leaf motif and fun color palette of pink, mint green, teal, beige, and dark gray!

Fun extras like stylized words, social media icons and Instagram story highlight covers make this branding package perfect for your growing business!

If you are just interested in the wax seal look logos - they are available as a set of 5 here:

All of the extras available in the Tropic Breeze branding collection shown here including: Etsy Shop SetsLogo PackagesBusiness CardsBasic Deluxe and Ultimate Branding Packages - The Ultimate set includes it all!

And there's even matching artwork sets to add to your office, workspace, or storefront. This really ties it all together!

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